A detailed breakdown of why you should vote ‘no’

Californians should vote NO on Prop 22, which if passed would exempt app-based transportation and delivery companies like Uber and Lyft from providing employee benefits to certain drivers. …

Banker. Mechanic. Lawyer. Journalist. Doctor.

So many people’s careers can be boiled down to a simple word. But so often those words are loaded terms that earn nods of approval or side-eyes of judgement.

However, this one-word professional identity hammers against self-worth when you’re a dreamer who is doing work…

Originally appeared in The New York Times

To the Editor:

Trumpeting support for legislation requiring benefits for gig workers, then lobbying to minimize required contributions and the number of workers who qualify, is a public relations tactic to prevent legislation classifying workers as employees.

Benefits for gig workers is a…

Why do the poor have to pay to bank, but the rich get paid to bank?

Banking while poor is expensive. Savings accounts are not linked to a debit card, so if you want to pay in something other than cash, you need a debit or credit card.

A debit…

Appeared in the Albany Times Union: https://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Viewpoint-More-than-ever-gig-workers-deserve-15180529.php

During the coronavirus crisis, gig workers are quickly becoming everyday heroes. They are collecting essential medicines, delivering much-needed groceries and even taking the ill to hospital. We’re asking them to meet our needs and risk their own health to do it, but what…

Alissa Orlando

Gig economy operator (ex- Uber , Rocket Internet) turned advocate for better conditions. Jesuit values Georgetown, MBA Stanford GSB. Twitter: @AlissaOrlando

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